Company Advantage

The advantage of Scientific Research College

Adtech has sign with Chinese Academy of Sciences and other famous university to develop the new metallurgical materials and built 2000 square metre lab. With 50 top talent, Adtech research high temperature filter materials, metal purifying material, refractory material, and others metallurgical material&device.

The Advantage of Technological Innovation

In the development, Adtech produce the highly adsorptive ceramic foam filter, high-precision degassing device series by the seasoned engineer teams. Now Adtech have 4 invention patent and 15 Use patent.

The Advantage of Production Equipment

Intelligent production equipment and imported advanced technology testing equipment are adopted in Adtech. Advanced equipments lead the promotion of the production process and accuracy.

The Advantage of Production Quality

Adtech ceramic foam filter, Degassing and Filter Unit, vacuum equipment, roll casting nozzle, flux series, hot-top casting series, these machines can make the metallurgical materials much more environmental, energy-efficient and much purer. All the materials Adtech product used are provided by famous suppliers both at China and abroad. Adtech have a complete quality management system and the product Passed the ISO 9001 quality system certification one by one.